A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid


speedy justice... this guy on the news... killed someone May of 2000, entered his plea today, and will be sentenced in January.

I talked 4 different guys into buying an XBox today. $800.00 richer is the store because I gots big blue eyes and a good sense of judgement about what will make someone buy something.
I also sold 4 PS2s, 10 game boy advance, 30-40 ps, ps2, x box and gamecube games, 4 kareoke machines and a bunch of memory cards, controllers and other gaming accesories.
But it was the XBox sales that I can actually claim real credit for.

On an entirely different note, NO, WE DO NOT HAVE GRAND THEFT AUTO : VICE CITY, yes, I realize it came out today. No, I don't know what other stores have it. No, I can't tell you the exact day we'll have it in. YES, I realize we got Lord of the Rings for PS2 the day it was released, but that doesn't always happen. No, I don't have any in the back. Yes, I just checked. No, no one has stocked any while my back was turned. No, I will not call best buy for you to see if they have it.

Oh yeah, and I don't have a notice board of when new releases are coming out. Though, really ... we should.

And I have a raw, sore spot on the ridge between my nostrils (the nostril divider) from all the nose blowing and sneezing. When I get colds, they are tenacious and mighty colds.

I also watched Welcome To The Dollhouse again last night. I really dislike the chick playing Dawn Weiner. But damnit is she perfect for the part. And so very very very painful to watch.
You just want to scream "STOP DOING THAT" through most of the movie. "GIVE UP, MOVE ON, IT WON'T HAPPEN"
Anyway, the real reason I brought it up is because I've had "welcome to the dollhouse"( the song) stuck in my head all day.

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