A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

La Femme Nikita is just an incredibly gaddamned good movie.
Point of No Return is a disgusting horrible remake.
And the people on IMBD who saw La Femme Nikita and thought it was a movie about a chick caught between two lovers need to be hunted down and shot in the head. I didn't realize Jean Reno was in it. When he showed up as Victor, and a cleaner, I was just *shocked*.
I seem to remember there being some connection between "the Professional" and this movie, but I'd forgotten. Good stuff. And Tcheky Karyo is incredible as always (and yes, Karl.. now I know exactly who you mean)

They just broke in on the tv to say that they're combing areas of Tacoma Washington for bullet fragments to see if they match those found in connection to the DC sniper attacks. They're looking into the guy possibly being a soldier trained at Ft. Lewis.

Chad's father's house is almost in the backyard of that base. It means absolutely nothing, but makes me feel all oogy and freaked out nonetheless. Because I'm melodramatic like that.

I'm trying to decide what the next movie I watch tonight will be. I don't go in until 4 tomorrow afternoon and there's no point in keeping a semblance of a sleep schedule as I just have to be up around six for work Friday... so Movies tonight it will be.
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