A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I watched Donnie Darko last night. The people who were shocked by the ending or just didn't understand it... well, go back to watching Harold Ramis flicks. You'll live longer and strain your brains less.
I was just impressed that someone managed to make an honestly *original* film that so utterly uncatagorizable. It's not any one thing, it's not just this or that, and at the same time it's so well done and so understated that you don't come away with that "I just watched an 'important film'" vibe that so many film makers seem to be going for.
There really isn't a lot of dissection you can do on this, I think. It's just an incredibly solid movie that doesn't feel the need to clobber you over the head or bullshit you with everything you'd expect.

Oh, and for once, interesting believable comedy and dialogue.

I rented 5 movies. I watched 3 of them yesterday. hehe... This is going to turn into an expensive habit.

The more I think about PI, the less impressed I am with it. I realize I've seen this sort of movie before. Not done exactly like *this*... but I've seen the concepts over and over. I still think the sound was really well done and I think that the flow of imagery and the eye of the filmmaker gave it this interesting clausterphobic feel which lended it a lot of tension that really... I don't think would have been there any other way.
But I dunno... reading some of the reviews... this one was *way* overhypped.

Of course, people routinely flip out over the GENIUS of Baz Luhrman when so much of the appeal of his movies has nothing to do with him, and most of his camera techniques are borrowed.
Give someone something that isn't "Dude Where's My Car" or another "Intrepid Action Hero with a Secret Heart Saves the Day" movie and they freak out with praise. Just goes to show how low our standards are.
And hey, that's me too. Part of the reason I'm so incredibly impressed with these movies lately is that they aren't total shit. And that's just SHOCKING! heh

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