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I was accidentally shipped a cd called Mtv2, Handpicked.
It's a various artist thing...
To vent off a little of the extremely pissed off I'm feeling at the moment I'm going to actually listen to this.

Travis - Sing
Alright... I already really really dislike this group and the lead singer's voice.
This song in particular though starts off with their typical recycled melody, his annoyingly "ahm blusey and cool.. no really..." voice but then ends up with the most annoying string of him singing "Siiiing SING SING SING. ah said... sing... oh SIIIINNG. SAAAAAAAANG SANG SANG SAAAAAAAAAAAANG"
Bullets for your head, asshole.
Bullets for YOUR HEAD.

Pete Yorn-Life on a Chain
Any song that starts off with the scratchy "we're emulating a mistreated vinyl record" sound is really not a good sign.
This guy sounds like a cross between Dave Pyrner (or whatever that Soul Asylum cock monkey's name is) and a young Bob Dylan.
Not lyrically... the way his voice sounds.

The melody of this thing... take out the boom boom buh doom bah bass (please) and the harmonica and you've got anything by Flock of Seagulls. Aggravating, trying too hard to sound like southern rock gone soft. Like John Mellancamp, but without all that bold and undeniable talent. YEAH.

Cake - Short Skirt Long Jacket
Alright, I loathe Cake. They're overrated, under talented, and they've NEVER been good.
This is more of the same bullshit.
Lame "funky" melodies that don't cut it with random bits of brass thrown in.

I mean... I know he probably can't sing and that's why he does that... but fucking STOP IT.

I can't listen to this whole thing.
Moving on...

Dave Navarro - Rexall

God. This couldn't be more lame. This sounds like a fucking Queensryche ballad
His guitar playing has never impressed me and this.... GUH ...
"There is no love left in your eyes
there is love between your thighs.
Roll over say goodnight..."

shitty singer, shitty guitar player, shitty shitty shit crap poop.

Coldplay - Yellow

They play this song in the store constantly.
I hate this song... especially the way he says "yellow"
Monotonous and dragging... Destined for the office music bin.

Remy Zero - Save Me

OH Christ just ... guh.
When did emulation of that emo voice become this fucking common?
Give me a male singer who can really fucking sing without sounding like his balls haven't descended yet. PLEASE.

I can't keep listening to the whole songs... it's making me too hostile.

Ours - Sometimes

first 10 seconds... sounds like REM
one minute in ... sounds like a guy trying really hard to sing like Thom from Radiohead...
So I'll just skip this shit and move on to ...

Radiohead - Idioteque (live)

A song I know I like, but a live version which I've not heard.
I'll just enjoy this for a few minutes...

The Crystal Method - Name of the Game

I'd be able to like them a lot more in general if they didn't play the Moby game and sell every thing they possibly can to commercials.
I generally don't mind them, but don't find them all that great either. Pretty formulaic... just the same ol thing over and over.
This song in particular though annoys me. Really bad sample choices.

Lo Fidelity Allstars - Sleeping Faster (US Mix edit)

I dig it. Not the most excellent thing ever... but really not damned bad.

David Gray - Babylon

CRAP BULLSHIT POPPYCOCK POOP. I'd actually rather listen to Rod Stewart do a medly with Neil Diamond.
And I fucking hate them.

Ryan Adams - New York, New York

CRAP BULLSHIT POPPYCOCK POOP SHIT OH gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad they gave this cockmonkey a recording contract?
He sounds like a lame street busker.

Five For Fighting - Superman

Don't get me started on what a piece of schlock bullshit carp this is.

Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities (remix)

Don't get me started on this one either.
Overrated, overplayed, over due to die.

Mystic- The Life

Ya know... I dig the chick's voice... but I really wish someone would start offering these R&B singers some music that isn't the same fucking bassline the same fucking doot doot noises and the same fucking cadence again and again.
It was lame the first time, it's lame this time, it's going to be fucking lame on your next single too, lady.

Stereomud - Pain
Yeah, cuz like... Stereo sounds cool... and uh .. mud is like... dirty and stuff.

This is another often played song in the store. Me and Tom do mock metal horns and head banging to it whenever it comes on.
It's WATERED DOWN mall metal. if that's even fucking possible.

Tenacious D - Wonderboy

I'd so do Jack Black. ::Nods::

Tenacious D rocks always.

Lost Prophets - Shinobi VS. Dragon Ninja

First of all ... you lose me on the title. Someone played a lil too much Tekken.
Lame fucking emo voice backed by wanna be hard speedy repetative riffs and even a lame emulation of the jazzy mathy breakdowns of Dillinger Escape Plan and Candiria.

I hate them and they have to fucking die.

Okay... all this just made me more hostile.

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