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I was looking forward to the overnight planogram changing and resetting being done by this weekend. That's not going to happen. Maybe this is more common of a thing than I'd thought. But I also thought that having new people getting hired every week was supposed to plump up the store and make all this shit not as strained. Tonight we had a closing crew of 8 people. That's just... not enough. heh.

Halloween will be over soon. So no more costumes and no more 4 fucking aisles of bagged candy in my area. But then Christmas shit will roll in (it's already sitting in the back, marked for transition) and I'll have a whole new chunk of shit to hate and revile.

Tonight I'm just really *over* my job.
This really only happens when there's certain people I really dislike working with cramming themselves up my ass.
Or when I haven't had a hug in months.
That uh... doesn't help either.

I need to be up at about 6 tomorrow. So I guess I should go lay in bed and pretend I'm about to sleep until then.

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