A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Customers don't like it when:

-You refer to the scented candles they're perusing with much joy as "stinkies"
-When asked if the refillable $20 ink cartridge is a 'good value' and if it's a 'quality' item you just say "I'm pretty sure it's a hunk of suck"
-You share rambling stories with the stock guys involving their underground bunker-like tunnels and rooms containing their harem of 365 women (plus room for a leap year chick, stocked as needed) and their upkeep. Unless you aren't a tight ass and you laugh... becuase we're damned funny.
-You want them to clarify what they mean by "computer ink"
-You tell them that you have no idea what media their camera takes and let them know that, yes, it *is* an important bit of info.
-You insist that Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 doesn't come out until November 2nd, no matter how much they argue with you.
-You sigh heavily after the 4th time you've said "yes, it has AV hookups in the back and the front"
-You honestly don't know the difference between Mario Brothers Sunshine and Mario Brothers Deluxe, besides one being single player and the other being multiplayer.
-You tell them that you can't open things for them to try out. DVD players, portable tvs, phone clips, video games. (no really)

Oh, and if you're an assmonkey dork boy who just can't WAIT to get your hands on a $40 set of star wars toys (some little city thing with a name I didn't catch and don't care about), try finding someone who works in the toy department to strain that extra 6 inches to get your lil toy, not the person helping someone else, standing behind a glass counter in electronics.
I was tired today. The day was really odd. I wasn't really cranky at all, in fact I had some very damned good silly conversation.
But that guy.. that guy made me really damned angry after him (squirmy rat boy) and his "girlfriend" ( a woman I SWEAR was at least 40 years old and about 350lbs) made derisive comments at my back while I went way the fucking hell out of my way to help him when the new computer system crashed again and I had to reboot, by walking all their shit to the front and getting someone to ring them up.

I was just rude to this person, but I don't care.
I fell asleep while watching Run Lola Run.

Apparently I just didn't have enough drugs in my system when I started watching this. It was so very boring. I need to rewind the tape and make sure that I didn't miss something that would drastically change my mind or something... but I *seriously* doubt that.

This dude at work said that he'd been talking to a friend and told the friend where he was working and the friend said "hey! do you know Holly? I went to high school with her"
So yeah.. that's right out then.
His good friend of 4 years was someone I did a lot of hanging out with in high school. He introduced me to Kramer Books in DC, He got me to go to the Cafe Napoleon... where I spent several years of my life. He knew me when I was gothy. He knew me when I was enormous.

So much for that then. hehehe. Time to kill myself. ::nods::

And I had a conversation with Rhiannon today about relationships. She's just started one and she hadn't been with anyone since April and she doesn't have an inane girly look at things like that, and she's intelligent.
I've said it before... but it bears repeating that I find it so weird to actually get along with a chick.

And ladies, closeups of your overly wet lips are not sexy, they're cliched and make you come off as a lil netwhore girl.
Go get a cam like everyone else, eh?

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