A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I watched the end of Run Lola Run... first of all, the thing I failed to mention before is that this is a dubbed version. The case says it's subtitled, but it's dubbed.
I wouldn't have rented it had I known that. Dubbing is something I really dislike. It's something for kung fu movies, anywhere else it really detracts, I think.
I would have hated a dubbed Amelie. La Femme Nikita would have been horrible dubbed. If you're not going for an honestly good movie, dubbing is okay... but the only time I've seen it pulled off really well was for Princess Mononoke. And the only reason I know how *good* a job they did is I saw the subtitled version much earlier and was pretty dubious about a dubbing of it.

So anyway, yeah...

Dubbing aside, it's still nothing wonderful. Give me eye candy, sure. Make it pretty and interesting. But give me an interesting story as well, please, because if I wanted bland prettiness, I'd watch more MTV.
I'm trying hard to find why this was covered in accolades.

It's neat, looks nice, but really failed on the follow through. It just struck me as another half assed indie flick.
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