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I woke up at 3:30 today, had to deal with an overflowing toilet, no one being around to give me a ride for work (had to be there at 4) and then kicked myself for the first several hours I was work for sleeping so fucking long (regular part of the insomniac's sleep cycle. No sleep, no sleep, intermittent sleep, no sleep, coma sleep...and repeat. It hasn't been a big deal for me to sleep for 20 hours or so after a several week of one to two hour nights. It never 'catches up'... it just makes it worse) and just got into an ever more foul mood regarding people and how... disgusting they are.

But it lightened up, I had a few goofy conversations, beat up Tom the stock guy with a shopping cart, was silly at Tricia, got offered a promotion, got home about 11:30, finally had something to eat and then talked to Karl for a few hours.

I think that I'm going to take the promotion, or rather... say yes to Emily, tell her that I'd like to be available for it.
It's more money, steadier hours and if nothing else I'll at least learn a lot of things that will be big pluses in my favor when I move back to hardlines... not if... WHEN.
I refuse to be stuck over in softlines forever. If that looks like it's going to happen and I'm miserable, I'll let them know that I refuse to be miserable just for a paycheck. It's just one of those things.

I haven't really completely made up my mind yet. I think I need to ask a few people some questions... but there's no one to really ask who doesn't have a really big mouth and I don't think blabbing at a bunch of people about getting offered a promotion when I'm not a 'permanent' employ yet won't win me any happy votes.

I'm a lil flummoxed. But I'm looking at taking it.
A raise for the 90 days being up. A raise for the promotion. Benefits in three months instead of 9....
I dunno. I won't be miserable for a paycheck. But I need to make more money than I am. I need a car. I need movement. I need to move out of here.

And hey, if I can just pull down $2 grand a month and give it all to Karl he'll let me live there rent free!

hehe. ooooh that Karl.


Oct. 27th, 2002 09:24 pm (UTC)
I suppose I should know this, but what are "hardlines" and "softlines"?

And, yeah, that Karl. Whatta guy! I bet you could give that money to almost anyone you know, and they'd let you stay at Karl's rent-free, though..
Oct. 28th, 2002 03:59 am (UTC)
It's code talk we silly proles who've worked in department store retail use amoungst ourselves.
Softlines = clothing, jewelry, accesories, socks, shoes.. (called SOFT because it usually doesn't follow a plannogram)
Hardlines = Everything else in a store. food, books, electronics, hba, toys,bath, home, decor, furniture, fixtures, cleaning supplies, automotive, sporting goods and seasonal items.

Oct. 28th, 2002 04:01 am (UTC)
cut myself off there...

Hardlines is called HARD because it follows a plannogram. Every item is mapped out on a shelving scheme.
Oct. 28th, 2002 11:34 am (UTC)
ah. so, stuff that clumps vs. stuff that gets lined up. Makes sense, I guess. No dumber than calling computer programs "software", I suppose...


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