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I turned down the promotion.
And Emily went from smiling coworker to displeased cunt in just seconds.

I don't want to be stuck in an area I hate, with people I don't like working with. Leave me at the lower level in hardlines for a year and it would be preferable to being left gaddamned miserable for even a week over in softlines.
Yes, I'm that wimpy. No, I don't think I should have to hate my job.

It just really pissed me off that she turned into such a bitch all of a sudden over this stupid little thing. I could WATCH her face change. I probably fucked myself on this one becuase chances are they won't offer me anything else for a good long while, but fuck it. I just *won't* be miserable at work. I refuse to do it. If it's my attitude, that's one thing. If it's the environment, then it's a job I can do without.

If I had any obligations right now I probably wouldn't talk so smugly... but I don't. It's just me.

I need a fucking day off.

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