A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I was feeling alright when I went into work. A hell of a lot better than I was when I woke up, anyway. And then I discovered that I was working WITH someone. I actually had someone in the area I was assigned. Excellent. And I was in an area I actually liked. Wonderful.
An hour later it turns out that someone didn't show up and I had to take toys/seasonal.
This annoyed me.
And because of my already semi shaky feelings today... this also made me tear up.
Not bad. Nothing I had to run to the bathroom for. Just a little mistiness before I descended into the devastating hell that is two aisles of barbies, an aisle of cars and more Yugi-oh, digimon, and pokemon trading cards than you can steal. More than YOU can steal, but certainly not too much of a challenge for the store's regular children shoppers.
When I'm at work, If you're between the ages of 5 and 25... I *expect* you to steal things. And pretty much, if you're spending too much time in any one place, I figure you're stealing something, no matter what your age.
It doesn't matter to *me* much as I can't approach you if you're stealing. I can hang out near you and try to scare you into dropping what you have, but I can't actually accuse you, insinuate your theft, or tell you to drop the merchandise. And I'll be damned if I'm going to flip out and try to find a security guy (yeah right) in the store to come hunt down this 10 year old for the $3 pack of cards he just stole.

So yeah.
First of all, people are fuckheads.
If you've been in a store shopping for halloween things in the past month, chances are that you, too, are a fuckhead. A lot of people turn into fuckheads when they step into stores. There's a special sort of fuckhead that goes halloween and costume shopping. Mainly because they are fuckheads who drag their fuckhead kids into the store. Of course their kids are fuckheads... just look at their fucking parents.
The fuckheads let their little fuckheads just go crazy over there.
But it's not just the fuckheads with kids, it's grown up single fuckheads too. They are the more sickening of the fuckheads. The fuckheads with kids tend to be too wrapped up in their own lil "congratulate me, I procreated" bubble to realize that they are the only people to find their dirty, ill mannered, bad tempered, little bundle of bastard charming.
But it's always a fucking joy to watch people my age and older descimate a peghook wall while they pick up EVERY mask and try them ALL on. And if you think you're the only one putting on the masks... I've got news for you. EVERYONE puts them on. Because apparently everyone enjoys the spit, face sweat and oil of total strangers being rubbed all over their face and mouth.
It's bad enough in other areas, watching people just shed items they've changed their mind on. Underwear in the soda aisle, wrenches in the make up, halloween costumes on any and every flat surface... People are fuckheads. Chances are, you're one of them too.

I'm one of those weird people who never ever ever just leaves their clothes at the fitting room. I take them back to the rack where I got them and put them exactly back as they were. If I change my mind on an item I will *always* put it back on the shelf in the right spot. I don't expect everyone to do that. It would be NICE... but no, I don't expect people to do that at all.
But just as a public service announcement sort of thing, I'll tell you something...
At the checkouts of EVERY store, there are boxes or bins put there specifically for items that people change their mind on. It's set up this way so that you can take these things up to the checkout, tell the cashier you've changed your mind on them, and proceed to purchase the items you DO want.
That way you don't leave a fucking trail of your travels, Hansel.
And I don't have to spend most of my night picking up the shit your impulsive little hands snatched up without any intention of actually purchasing.

On a completely different note, it annoys me when middle aged and older women call me "honey" or "sweetheart" a lot. I've decided Marie does this becuase she's too loopy to remember my fucking name.

I'm not actually as angry as I sound.
I've just had a rather lame day working with a lot of people that I don't really click with.

And now I'm downloading Scala. Because the Karl said to.

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