A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Last night I saw a video for that new REALLY ANNOYING Faith Hill song. Well, they're all annoying.
She can sing... but it's what she chooses to sing that kills me. Same as Christina Aguilera. Hell, even Pink has a voice.... but then wastes it on bullshit. And then there's the talentless little girls like Britney who can't sing and can sort of dance and she's just so very very lame in all ways.
All of them.


Anyway, now I can't get that fucking faith hill song out of my head.

Das Boot is the most incredibly immersive (no pun intended) war movie I've ever seen. It's an almost 4 hour long movie about a German U boat. And I saw it DUBBED... and it was still just an incredibly good damned movie.
I actually teared up at the end and at a couple other spots.

I'd like to see the subtitled version (because I'd like to know what the hell is on the pieces of paper they show them writing on here and there) but I don't think this one was destroyed by the dubbing, given the similar cadences in conversational german versus english.

It was just really damned good.

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