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My spontaneous obsession...

Peter Lorre.
About 15 minutes ago I got really hung up on the idea of Peter Lorre.
It really started with the thoughts I put down here in Ken's Journal.
But... now I'm thinking about Peter Lorre and why I don't know more about him and why I haven't seen more of his movies. And why the hell I never knew he wasn't actually french.
I mean .. just look at this filmography. I knew he was a mainstay in the horror genre and the heavy drama... and he's been copied again and again by just about everyone... he's the consumate henchman.
But still... that tonsilitis voice of his and the buggy lil eyes... that perpetual little "oh pleeease don't hurt me master" smile and the sorry little stooped shoulders and shuffle...
Totally unbelievable as a bad guy and yet sort of perfect in his way too.

So yes... I'm currently obsessed with Peter Lorre.
Read the Trivia. Amazing stuff. I always loved the depictions of him in the looney tunes cartoons.

"During the Hayes Commission investigation of 'reds' in Hollywood during the late 40s, Lorre was interviewed by investigators and asked to name anyone suspicious he had met since coming to the United States. Lorre responded with a list of everyone he knew. "

And just LOOKIT the guy.


Now i want classic movie posters and recordings and movies and... OOOH! A Peter Lorre doll.
Where the hell is Todd McFarlane when you need him?


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Nov. 3rd, 2002 04:05 pm (UTC)
ooooohhhhhhhh so kissable. YUM
Nov. 3rd, 2002 04:09 pm (UTC)
A few points.
My sock drawer is messy.
My friend saw Sedaris in New York the other day and loved it.
Voyage to the Bottum of the Sea is one of my dad's favorit Sci Fi movies when he was a lad.
And lastly, why is Peter Lorre laughing at me???
Nov. 3rd, 2002 04:32 pm (UTC)
Yeah, he's rather underappreciated.

If you haven't seen M, you should.

Also, one of the episodes of Alfred Hitchcock presents he appeared in, Man From the South, is considered a classic. I've only seen bits of it, but they support that claim.
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