A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I want to see Jack Dangers produce a Soul Coughing album. And yes, I want Doughty, Sebastian, Mike and Yuval to put aside their differences, get their shit together and perform like little monkies for me.

I'm in a goofy damned mood. I slept for about 9 hours and it was pretty damned satisfying.
I got all depressive at Karl last night and that's really just because I don't talk to anybody anymore. So... I never get anything out. So even when I'm having a good conversation thing, it all tends to seep out. And I haven't exactly been feeling stellar this past week. I think that's been fairly obvious. It's not debilitating. I'm not crying alot or anything. (Though I was emotional enough this morning that reading the paper and looking at the candidates for the elections tomorrow I fell into a fit of angry crying and yelling about the state of the country and how I just don't want to fucking play anymore. But then I realized there's actually a green party candidate on the ballot. I mean ... okay.. there's also a libertarian party candidate running for congress against John Warner (good ol boy of any and all military causes in the country) but well... his idealisms are pure party line libertarianism which I find really disturbing and I really don't want to vote for him, Warner, or the Linden LaRouche protege that's running as well. It's all just so fucking depressing that these are my choices and how much I dislike them all... though the tearing up and yelling is more a symptom of the remnants of my angry idealism than my general funk lately)

That was a really really long parenthetical moment there.
hehe.. 'paranthetical moment'... sort of like Julia's favorite phrases... "zoning opportunity", "clearance statement"
Are 'effective management' seminars really that compelling that you can't see what an utter choad you become when you start inserting that talk into your day to day patter?
Do they hand out drinks and beanies?
Are there snake handlers?

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