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Mmkay. I'm a heartless person.
I'll just get that out of the way before I start bitching about this...

This was just posted in
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Mmkay. I'm a heartless person.
I'll just get that out of the way before I start bitching about this...
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She felt like it would be a good idea to eulogize and share her thoughts about her dead photography teacher in the community.
I sort of see how this is connected. OKay.
So I can share stories about me and Karl hanging out and watching Star Wars and shopping and goofing off all day because we made a stop at a photo joint and bought film that day too.. and that's sort of connected to photography... right?
Yep. I'm going to be that much of a bitch.

Mainly because she used the phrase "I know he's in a better place." I don't know the chick, anything about her, her life or her convictions, so she may really mean that. She may really believe that the man is now existing in a place that is better than the world of the living. But, I'm a raging asshole so that phrase hits me wrong every single time I hear it or see it.
So does "I'm sorry for your loss" and other hollow, polite, 'kind' things you say when someone has died and you feel forced to say something. But yeah...not my point.

Why why why would you post about your... *Your* teacher dying in a community for PHOTOS? Why do we grieve in public like that? Why do we go out of our way to let people know that we are in pain and that this would be a good time for pity (it's not sympathy... it's pity)? Why do we think that total strangers should have a vested interest in the losses in our lives? Not even the strangers on our friends list... people *more* removed than that. People who've never seen you before (I'm sure I've never seen her post a photo to that community)...

I find this drive to show off our scars and gather up pointless politeness in the same light I see books like anything by Elizabeth Wurtzel. She's had issues. So she writes about her trials and tribulations. She keeps having new issues. So she keeps putting out new books. She's not a stellar writer. She doesn't shed new light on these things. She doesn't know how to turn a phrase without pliers and blowtorches and the tortured, melodramatic prose she ends up plopping down is a greater tragedy than any of her tribulations. Episodes of Oprah with guests who *aren't* putting together another book deal are a hell of a lot more touching and poignant than this "voice of a generation" who keeps deigning to speak for the rest of us.
She's a poor writer, discussing her poor life, and doing her recovery in public because we'll pay for a spectacle.

Okay... this ended up not being much of a rant.

Basically... don't go to a community that has nothing to do with your topic so that you can mourn in as MANY FORUMS AS POSSIBLE.

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