A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I just feel vaguely ... dirty... about this.
but I just have to say that Jason Statham is unbelievably attractive. I just watched Mean Machine (which is a goofy, silly, contrived very fucking entertaining little movie. And just look at the damned cast list. If you're enamoured of the actors from Lock Stock and Two Smoking barrels, you'll really enjoy watching this movie) and there's a scene with him in a jumpsuit, the top of which is stripped off and tied around his waist and he's heavily tatooed and doing super slow motion tai-chi sort of movies and dear LORD is he just *lickable.*

I don't usually get drooly over the *looks* of people. It's personalities that leave me wobbly. And when I *do* like the way someone looks, it's for some odd feature here and there, some physical quality, maybe just the way their hands are shaped or the way they tilt their head when they talk. And it's never because they're buff, muscled, in shape or generally deemed attractive. I mean... Brad Pitt is really easy on the eyes... but I'd never get drooly about him. But great googly moogly.... Jason Statham is disgustingly attractive.

What's with me and the guys with shaved heads lately?

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