A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

What the fuck is wrong with you Floridians?
Why why why why why did you re-elect that piece of shit Bush? I thought watching him make a mockery of your votes 2 year ago would have been enough to get rid of him... and I've heard hasn't exactly been a wonderful governor besides.
Why why why?

And if you live in Virginia and Voted for John Warner... shame on you.

The green party candidate running for the House against the Republican incumbent (a man who didn't run ads, have big money backers, and little widespread campaigning in the most accepted current mediums) got 17% of the vote.
So he lost really badly... but he got 17% of the vote.

The chick I voted for... got 9%..
The wacko libertarian didn't get enough to end up on the screen.
and that's as it should be.

I'm all for diversity in politics. But I'm not for someone who believes in the repeal of all gun control, the dissolving of public schools, and the eventual dismantling of *all* government in favor of private sector sponsorship of social programs.
Picture it... Welfare! Brought to you by Pepsi!

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