A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Emily (the cunt) deigned to speak to me tonight, all perky-like so I knew something was up. She said that because I'd turned down the lead position in softlines they'd been talking and come up with something else. It's not a raise, it's not a lead position, but it's a little more specialized and it would mean I'd have a specific area of responsibility outside of just taken care of different departments.
Basically, I'll be taking care of the different sidekicks all over the store.
Most people have no idea what a sidekick is. Even most of the people in the store. heh.
okay.. there are the main aisles with merchandise on them. The ends of the aisles where they put sale items or things they want to draw attention to are endcaps. Because they... "cap off" the ends. Now sidekicks are things they put on the *sides* of the endcaps, usually with a variety of merchandise and sometimes with things that have *nothing* to do with the rest of the area. For example, the sidekick of pantyhose that's on the babyfood aisle. Or the spongebob squarepants candy bars on the side of the luggage aisle.

Exciting shit, I know... but such is my life.
Brian will apparently be walking me through things sometime in the next couple weeks. ::nods::
This is going to be a total pain in the ass, and I'll be kicking myself for saying yes to it... but well... that's okay too. heh.

And after I said yes to this, Emily was back to her "great job, good team, you rock!" crap. two faced cunt...

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