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I miss Rocky Horror Friday nights and the Cafe Napolean (before it was the West End Cafe... before Fran bought it and Talon drove it into the ground... before "Vyktor" got on stage every tuesday and tried to make everyone feel like shit, back before people started taking themselves too seriously, before the roof caved in and they stopped letting you chill on the patio..) and scaring the backstage crews from the generic theatre across the street whenever they'd walk to their cars and we'd be doing stupid shit in the parking lot.

If I had money, I'd buy that shithole. I'd fix the damned roof and I'd reopen it. Lure Doc back... lure back the artists who used to sell shit on the tables at the front. Get the chess junkies back..
heh. I'm a wonderful damned pipedreamer.

I just remember the days when I'd go to school, then rehearsal, then do homework for about an hour, then go out, drink coffee, be silly, and meet my new best friend every night of the week.
Very full, very hollow... and fun.

I need some of that.

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