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Binky the doormat! Binky the doormat...

Shooed out like a house fly
This house was half my mind
I don't dispute the doubts you've outlined
But it's my right to waste your time

These things
May come to be
and these things
won't kill me

and these things
it stands to reason
these things
please tell me


I just love that song.
I just love most of their songs... But that's one of my very favorites.

I'm sad. Sort of happy sad... hehe.. does that make sense?
Tom used to call it "goth-happy"... because Tom was a smart-ass. It's Nina Simone-happy. It's melancholy-with-a-grin. It's Lilac Wine.
Sick that I have hyphenated emotions, innit? They are, most likely, the same emotions everyone else has, just put through my filter where everything is just a little more difficult.

I watched Shallow Grave last night. I've always been really fond of Ewan McGregor. He's a wonderful actor and really easy on the eyes. I just dig him and I have for quite awhile. but now... now I've decided that he will be mine. So what that he has a wife and kids... So what that he doesn't know me from any other chick in America. So WHAT that I've absolutely nothing to offer him.
He'll be mine
and that's that (I dug the movie. A lot. A LOT... incredible damned movie. In the running with the Matrix for the most ripped off movie of the last 10 years, I think)

Aside from picking up Head today, I also got Focus, El Mariachi, and A Taxing Woman (Marusa no onna)

I also had in my hand, but put back Amores Perros.
It sounds really damned cool, but I haven't felt very ... up to... the heavy movies lately.
Ever since watching Vertigo.. I'm almost *afraid* to watch a very serious movie on my own. And since there's no one to watch with... it's best to keep them to a minimum.
The problem is... most of the movies I really want to see right now are pretty damned serious.
'cept Shakes the Clown. It's time to see that again. ::nods::

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