A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Okey doke. I think it's time to take the photo communities off the friends list.
Last night someone felt the need to post the same two, uncut, not wonderful pictures to 3 different communities that I'm a member of. Today I can't even get my friends page to load becuase of the assholes who don't have a clue how to resize properly for the web and who can't be bothered to put their precious piece of work behind a cut tag becuase, dear lord... then people might not look at it!
I don't mind that if you know how to resize your photos. But the person posting 700X700, solarized-through-photoshop, self-pictures-with-a-goth-tinge or the blurry, "I'm trying really hard to be good!" still lifes again and again... guh. just guh.

It sort of sucks becuase I honestly *enjoy* the daily photography, even though most of it is really really damned bad.

Chances are it's my connection flipping out. It's been raining here again (hard enough two nights ago to make my window leak) and the ground being damp doesn't make the phone lines happy. My hair is getting long again, almost to my shoulders... I should chop it all off. Maybe I'll dye it dark brown, make my eyes really stand out, look like a Faruza Baulk kinda freak.

I realized that I've been waiting for comments lately. So, it's obvious I've forgotten why I started putting my bullshit here in the first place. Things evolve, sure... But if it's evolved so much that I've turned into an attention whore.. hehe... well no.
Just no.

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