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Bush is making his first post election adress and the first sentence out of his mouth was about Saddamn Hussein.
I really dislike this country. Come January the republicans are going to blitz the U.S. with bullshit tax cuts, homeland security atrocities, and pushing for a 'disarming' of Iraq. Those are the main goals he's just outlined.

I'm so angry listening to this man read like a mildly retarded 10 year old, listening to him insist that we need to 'pass meaningful legislation to help people improve their lives' and in the same breath mention help for construction projects, war, and homeland security.

"they've got a waaaaaaaall in china... it's a thousand miles long.... to keep out the foreigners who made it strong...."

I can't believe how badly the democrats dropped the ball in this election. They just didn't *bother* to push an alternative to *anything* that the republicans have had to say for fear that those high numbers in the president's opinion polls would bite them in the ass.
If any of the candidates had had the BALLS to say "no war, no more homeland security push, no bullshit tax cuts that mean *nothing* for real economic relief" they would have had a damned chance. But since they just... failed to speak the fuck up they just disenfranchised a huge number of us. And I hope, I hope I hope that in two years that will be remembered. I hope that the voting public doesn't just choose between the evils and will push for a CHOICE in representatives.

Oh, and also vote out bellicose asshole who is in the white house because his daddy had some judges in his pocket.

I'm a little pissed off at the moment, don't mind me.

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