A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

This guy came into the store tonight, bought some stuff (some games and some... pricey bit of electronics. I can't remember what it was now), chatted a bit and then left. He came back about an hour later and was wondering around near my area looking kinda like he was looking for something, so I asked if he needed help. He stammered for a full minute before saying he was looking for tums.
I took him to them, he thanked me and asked if I could ring him up in electronics. Sure. He chatted a little again, but I was sort of busy so he went ahead and left.
About half an hour later he comes back, finds me in an aisle and says "yeah.. that uh.. that check I wrote earlier... I don't think I put the date on it."
"Oh I'm pretty sure you did... I usually check that."
"oh.. uhm... does it matter? I don't know if it matters? But if it does I don't want you to get into trouble or anything like that. So if it matters.. yeah ... "
and I laugh and ask if this was a 'left the oven on' moment or if this had been plaguing him for several hours.
"were you just kicking back and taking off your boots when you realized that you may not have written the date on the check?"
"uh .. yeah .. I hehe.. yeah I guess. yeah."
So I opened the drawer, found his check, and pointed out that he had indeed put the date on it. He gave me a big smile and a "well, okay! that's solved!" and told me to have a good night (for the third time).

I think he was just a scattered, harmless strange guy. Kathryn thinks he was trying to build up the courage to ask me to go bowling with him.
Kathryn's weird like that.
She "talked" to me for 15 minutes tonight using a gingerbread man cookie as her avatar.

I bought stuffs tonight. 78 dollars worth of stuffs. BUT I WILL NOT SPEAK OF IT.. yet.

My mother asked me yesterday what I want for my birthday. I don't want to be 25.

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