A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I said yes to more hours tonight. And failed to pick up my check.
one less day off and a morning shift to boot.
I've been thinking lately about how long it's going to take to save for a car. And then to move. And then to also go to school... so i can actually afford to live once I move... and I'm still moving, dammit.
There certainly isn't anything holding me here. Just making a little money and biding time. It's a depressing exercise, really, and i've decided I need to stop thinking about the time.

There's a new dude at work who I was around for maybe 10 minutes tonight. His name is Joe (we decided the original Joe is now going to be MojoJoeJoe) and I want him dead.
Someone asked him if he'd learned anything tonight. "yeah, I learned that Marie really makes you work! but BOY Is she fun too !"
Larry literally grabbed my shoulder because I was going to rip his still beating heart from his damned dirty twerp chest.

I've pulled muscles in my chest somehow and I can't stop flexing my arms and making the muscles twinge.
Yes, I picked scabs as a kid too.

usually my own.
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