A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I used to read Goats all the time.
Sometime last year I just stopped. It wasn't funny anymore and there really isn't a point in reading a comic strip everyday if it isn't bringing the funny.
So, sitting here I decided to go back and pick up the thread and get current. If I still hate it, then I will still not-read it.
I have always (since I knew about it) been a member of the goats-fans mailing list (several years old) and still post there. I know mjfgates, subbes, luvrhino, punkalicia, albertoromero, robonun, wendigo and frobisher from that forum (and have actually had face time with luvrhino, punkalicia, wendigo and frobisher).

Anyway, I went back and just randomly picked a spot I knew was further back than where I'd stopped and just happened upon a strip that I remember cracking me up the first time and it succeeded in cracking me up again.
"Don't ask me, lady. I live in beer"

Which makes no sense if you don't know where Fish came from, how his character comes across, and why he's in the beer in the first place.
but it sure made *me* laugh.
And that's what counts.

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