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Shut Your Noise Tube!

I'm listening to Karl's stream (the lo-fi of course)

And I think it knows I'm listening. It quickly went from really ambient, light, airy stuff to crunchy goodness.

Seannie "B' Meets Flappa 'J' - Suga Bullit and now Joystick with House Step. Which is kinda housey... kinda not... very very non-organic noises. heheheh I used the word "organic" . Next I have to say "seminal" somewhere, right?

I've decided that it doesn't really matter what the music is as long as it has that super deep, nearly detuned bass and the crunchy beats I like it.
Well, there are exceptions, I'm sure.
And this music has the bad side effect of making me really really want those $200 headphones I was looking at, as mine are ancient, abused and they can't really deal with the super low bass without distorting a little.

Oh yeah.. his server loves me.
It's now gone into Finitribe with Forevergreen (vocal edit) and now Underworld with Two Months Off (and now I have to write down things I like becuase this is very very fucking cool)

The bad thing is, I see the high stream is playing front242 and I waaaaaaaaaaant it. Of course, I want all Karl's music.
Well... most of it.
I can do without the Sarah M. ::nods::
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