A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I found out this morning at work, while on a 15 minute break (that actually stretched into about 45 with all my wandering around and waiting for Brandon to get his shit together) that not only does he know a guy I knew in high school, but he occasionally hangs out at the cafe right around the corner from my house, where Sam and Jim used to (maybe still do?) hang out, and that he considers Jim (Sam's long time friend and roomate) his best friend.
Sam was someone I was really good friends with for almost a year and then who just dropped out of my life. It was pretty weird. One week we were having 8 hour long phone conversations, the next he was just gone.
I didn't get back in touch with him until much later and then it was very different and he seemed disinterested in talking to me... though truth be told, I'm pretty sure that I am the one who never answered that last email.
The bottle of whiskey I'd had for him I finally gave away to my brother and the bob and doug mackenzie figures are still collecting dust in a corner of my room.
But from the stories, Sam seems to be the same old Sam.
Yet another to add to the list of people I was really really into, but who had no interest in me. And he was probably the first of that type that I actually *told*. And told repeatedly. But apparently, he'd gotten some fucked up information from a mutual aquaintance and thought I was bullshitting him. And after that moment was gone, it was gone for good.
I was into him before I met Jason. And got to talking to him again *after* Jason...

and ya know.. now that I think about it... my relationship with Jason was probably a big reason why we stopped talking so much. Jason rather dominated my life in that time period. beh.

So yeah... all that is so very very strange. This random person I ended up working with just knows all these people who were once in my life. Some of them I'm better off without, some of them I really really miss. It's just really strange. And this Brandon guy has this weird aura. He seems like someone I already know. I don't know if it's just the type of person... or if it's a clicking thing or what. dunno. I think it's that he really does seem like someone I already know. He's still a groovy, alright kinda guy... but such a trendy dude it just *hurts* sometimes talking to him.

ANYWAY... I came home to find my dvd player is here.
Oh yeah... I bought a dvd player. It happened a few weeks ago when I was really depressed. I don't shop in little bursts to make myself feel better. I ball it all up and wait til I feel overwhelmed and then do the shopping therapy on big ticket items.
I got my digital camera after breaking up with Jason (which was preceeded by months of being very very unhappy), the last car I owned was bought the day I went before the court for a restraining order against the psycho-ex...
The dvd player is a Sony DVP-NS415. Not top of the line, but not crap either. On Amazon it's $150, I got it for $109. Good stuff. ::nods::

Now I just have to check out my A/V skills and see if I can actually set it up (I've every faith that I can... and if I can't, I can always call Karl and whine at him).

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