A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I'm getting a cold sore and half my bottoom lip is swollen and sore looking.
Becuase it's swollen and sore.
But seriously, it looks like I got punched.
Being sick, plus stressing myself out over stupid things, lack of sleep well it all equals cold sore. I *hate* that I get these things. Sometimes all it takes is chapped lips. One more thing I guess I can blame dear old dad for.

My father is watching something about gangsters, kick boxers, and... crap. James Earl Jones is in it. So is that Lance Henricksen guy. It's really fucking weird. Ookay.. bizarre stuff just happened. Now I have to know what this thing is.

Okay... apparently it's a movie called Excessive Force and it was a vehicle for a new action hero guy... the tagline of the movie is "In the 70's, Chuck Norris. In the 80's, Steven Seagal. In the '90's, action has a whole new name... Thomas Ian Griffith."
heheh... and now I know why he is so familiar. He was Terry Silver (bad guy) in Karate Kid III.

As the little kid in the store yesterday said about the shoes, he "IS SUCK!" is suck is suck is suck. ::nods::

and he has a mullet.

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