A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I realized last night in the middle of a conversation with Dave that I'd forgotten to listen to Karl's radio show.
And I work tonight.
So maybe this is a one off, one on thing and I'm just not supposed to actually listen to them all.
THe thing is... I was sitting there thinking that I was forgetting something. But I get that feeling a lot. hehe.
ah well.
It makes me feel bad, but given my exhaustion and my need not to keep needlessly berating myself for silly small things that I can't fix, ::shrug::

Anyway... go take a look at the found_objects community.
Some chick has been posting pictures of goofy signs that she gleaned from a website. Some other dude today posted a picture of a very old asian woman smoking a huge spliff. Someone else... a squirell.

What about these things make them FOUND OBJECTS? Pics you find online... pictures of people... a squirrell and a bird feeder? These people just SUCK. There are very few people there who actually get the concept of a found object gallery. Found art is fine, found objects, things that you stumble upon. Discards and trash, displays and MAYBE the occasional sign if it's honestly unique.
But these idiots post pictures of themselves and say things like "I found myself!" hur hur! Things that you BUY at stores aren't found objects, dorks. kay?

I've never posted there. Why? becuase I've never taken a picture of a found object that I wanted to share. Why? becuase I don't think that the pictures I have really fit the description of the community. Obviously I'm letting silly things like that hold me back. ::nods::

I just don't think pictures I find online should count, ya know?
I know that in a vague way it fits and all... but eh, just no. Of course, this all comes from my own snotty self important place of judgement. hehe.. it's the same place that allows me to say George Lucas is a HACK. And that people who don't like Tom Waits are idiots.

Becuase I'm right.

I'm turning into a sneaky bastard. Mainly because I know something is ... off. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop and well... it's always easier to be out of the way of the shoe instead of catching it in the face.

And... it's always easier to be just a little angry in the first place than suprised by how deeply something can stab.

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