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Fucking cock sucking democrats.
Couldn't stand together on ONE fucking thing, could they?

They voted in the homeland security bill.

I hate this so very damned much.

And this guy on the news just fucking broke his arm patting himself on the back with a big silly grin on his face BRAGGING about how he leveraged something for his state out of agreeing to the homeland security bill. GRAR.

And Texas is going to be the home state for this shit? WHAT A SHOCK! Pork Barrell dividends for the president's home state.

And this other part that he's pushing... the terrorism insurance. It protects INSURANCE COMPANIES from losses due to terrorist attacks.
Nope, sorry... that's their point and purpose. They protect your shit if something happens to it. Why is Bush so hard and fast about protecting them? Because they donated HUGE amounts of money to his campaign and to his daddy's campaigns.

OH YEAH... and there's a huge ecological disaster waiting to implode 2 and 1/2 miles below the sea just off the coast of Spain.



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