A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

TV whores.

television is not smack.
it is unecessary.
it is usually vile.
it is mind numbing.
it is not your baby sitter.
it is not entertainment.
it is not informative.
it is double speak and advertising
it is a numbing agent
it is just like that scene in A Clockwork Orange.... except the tv whores don't need to be tied down and forced. They're into the submission. They're into being made dead from the neck up.
So, drink some beers, have some pork rinds, plop your ass in front of the tv.
Go on.
People who flip out when they miss a show or can't get to a tv....
people who actually get ANGRY when you keep them away from the tube for too long.
People who run in the house and turn on the tv, first thing, and sigh like the first cig after 2 days of shaking abstinence.
People who wake up in the morning, and turn on the tv and have to have it on. In the room, out of the room.. not even in the damned house... there's the tv.

I don't know when I developed this complete LACK of dependency.
But I'm *glad* I don't know what's going on on allie mcbeal. I'm glad I've got no idea about... well... anything... on the sopranos. And I am sooooo immesurably greatful that I never ever have wanted to watch buffy the vampire slayer.

I don't think enough mockery and derision is heaped upon the tv whores.
They should be just as reviled as trekkies or hard core gamers.
Can you spew your THACO off the top of your head?
Can you name more than 5 gaming systems?
Can you tell me the episode numbers/titles to more than 10 episodes of star trek?
Have you ever gotten the autograph of a member of the starship enterprise?
Did you frame it?
Do you know what's coming on tv tonight?
Are you going to work your social life around that schedule?
Will you be pissed off if anyone makes you miss a show?
Would several hours WITHOUT a tv in your home make you want to kill?


kind of opinionated today.
(not really)

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