A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid


guh. Stop that.
Why don't people have a filter that tells them just ... don't post the icky not so great stuff, eh?
Especially the icky not so great stuff that you ran through photoshop and tweaked out in a weird lil way.
And then ... then I guess it would take an extra filter to tell them not to post the same two pictures of icky not so great stuff to three different communities all at the same time, sans cut tag ... just because *they* don't have those communities on their friends list.

Yeah, I already brought this up to her. That was her response... that she doesn't have communities on her friends list.
I didn't push it because the last time I pushed anything with this chick it was in debate and she *flipped* *the* *fuck* *out*.
Someone told me the other day she STILL randomly mentions the horrible abuse she took there, specifically from me. So really... I'm almost *afraid* to say anything to her.
She joined the Honest Reaction community... what a damned joke. There's no way in hell I could give an honest opinion of her photography there or anywhere on LJ without feeling like I was... kicking a neglected puppy.

I dunno... I think that if there was a little more forethought... just a little more "hey, I wonder how other people would see this" the world would either be a much better place... or a much more ANGRY place.
Because ya know.. fuck you, who cares what you think anyway.

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