A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

mmkay... uhm.
I think that aim is starting up on its own whenever I open outlook. That's uh... weird. yeah.

Brandon is officially the most annoying creature I know and my number one reason why men are just not worth it. Especially men my age.
They're all idiots, 15 year olds, or idiotic 15 year olds. He actually made a point of calling me a dork at every opportunity, hitting me with stuff, and it just got worse if he was around other little dumb boys. Because he's one of those guys who has to not only be the center of everyone's attention, but they have to be the standout in any crowd of guys. The biggest, goofiest, loudest, most 'jokey'...

Now I get goofy and silly... but it's in a very mellow way. I never found it charming when the boys had to wrestle and I still don't.

Oh yeah .. and because I think his music sucks (and I've refrained from making it personal... I've said I dislike the stuff he listens to... not that he's a trendy, inane shmoe, incapable of independent thought) he's gotten very defensive about that.
Since I don't like *his* music, he's decided that I'm just going out of my way to be different.
If he brought up ANYTHING that wasn't mall metal, pseudo-punk, or pop music pablum I'd be more than willing to reasses my opinions on his taste.

This dude has just managed to boil down and put a very fine point on several of the reasons I don't get along with the average person.

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