A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

-I can't get my mail today.
-my father is hanging something in the kitchen and being the Expert and the Asshole and the Bumbling Assistant all in one.
-I had dreams about asking someone to curl up and sleep with me. And they did without hesitation or excuses why they couldn't. It was great.
-I want some coffee now.
-the audio commentary is all of it really cool... but you can see the odd man out is definitely helena bonham carter. Not just for her nationality... but that she's a really serious actress and I don't think there's even one bit in her commentary where she isn't being entirely dry about the whole thing from an actor's standpoint, and the philiosophies involved and yadda yadda. Brad insinuates the cock is Fincher's ... Ed Norton bitches about the critics claiming it was a fascist movie...Fincher rattles on about certain cgi shots... helena says it was really hard to stay fresh in her role and to take her cues from Fincher about how marla was...
blah blah blah.
- I'm sick of dumb little boys.
-My mother I think just read all of this over my shoulder. Great.
- I need the hell out of here.

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