A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

herm. I don't get mail for 3 days because of some technical issues... and when I do, I get three random pieces and nothing else. wunderbar.
I had the hope that there was actually something of real interest in my mail for a change.

Thanks to talking to Dave last night I have "head over heels" by tears for fears stuck in my head... all it took was him saying "wanted to be with you alone, and talk about the weather."

I need to find girl pants today. I'm tired of all of my pants and jeans being made for men. They fit in a way that was flattering when I was HUUUGE. But I'm not huge anymore and the habit of just buying dickies whenever I need pants has to stop.
Besides, I need khakis for work.

The chicks at work have a tendency to wear tight tight pants and just barely to their waist t shirts. So every time they lift their arms to reach something you get to see their pale, floppy, pushed up guts. there are maybe three chicks who are honestly the super thin, low rider wearing type. And only one of those actually flaunts that. She's also the only one who's definitively not looking for anyone... especially not at work. She's got a thing with a guy who works in the stock room.
It just amazes me sometimes... and the more I get comfortable with these people... the more I see their weird, floppy, ugly bits and the less I see skinny little hardass chicks like when I started. When I started, everyone around me was some specimen of the perfection of women in the modern world and I was a troll.
Granted, Emily and Julia are still pretty damn just-stepped-out-of-Seventeen.... but they're also super goobers.

So ya know... seeing that they're really most of them just overly made up, not so damned skinny, trying really hard to be what they're supposed to be kind of girls... It's a lot easier to feel really fucking good about me being who I am.

But still... I would never wear pants so tight that they create the illusion of a false gut.
Of course, I don't think I'm built the right way for that anyway.

guh. I think about the weirdest things.

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