A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I just had a couple hour long online conversation with Rhiannon (girl I work with who is sorta punk and makes pirate noises and looks like Kelly Osbourne) and it was just so super girly girl and giggly that I can't *believe* it.
And it wasn't forced at all.
I gossipped about.... boys.... and stuff.

very strange.

stuff like this:

Me: Ya know, this dude who just started there... Steven... he was back in toys when I was setting the ad today... apparently he decided that meant we were buddies.
Rhiannon: haha
Rhiannon: i know you loved that
Rhiannon: is he dork? or cute at least, right? at least that to save you
Me: He's like ... 20 years old, graduated from deep creek high school... and took a break with me "Are we gonna go have a break now, Holly?" and was trying to get me to go to lunch with him.
Rhiannon: haha
Me: you have a boyfriend
Rhiannon: hahahahahaha
Me: hahaha
Rhiannon: is he cute?
Me: nah
Rhiannon: deep creek high sucks tho
Me: he's a boy. :;shrug::
Rhiannon: oh then you just have some creepy guy following you around
Rhiannon: ew, is he at least funny? or witty? or, hey, hardworking?
Me: hehe.. kinda. He's not as annoying at Brandon, but uh... yeah. He's just another boy. ::shrug::
Me: he uh .. he'll do what you ask him to... after he whines about it...
Rhiannon: i figure he must have something if he thinks he can hang around you, most people dont have that inflated ego as their gift but he could
Me: He must have said "I'm so tiiiiired" about 30 times in the first hour we were there.
Rhiannon: oh jeez
Rhiannon: just like brandon
Rhiannon: haha
Me: heheh

There are certain David Sedaris stories that, no matter how many times I read them, always make me laugh far too loudly in the same spots over and over.

Today at work Vivian said something about me "rockin the boat" back in electronics last night. Brian (one of the executives... my favorite one becuase he's just so bizarre and totally unmanager-like) said "Holly always rocks. She's my hero," and then looked at me and said "did you know that? did you know that you're my hero?" and I said "why no, Bette, I wasn't aware of that"
And he started laughing and hugged me.

It was weird. but 'okay' kind of weird.

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