A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I feel like a crazy person for this, but, well.... I can deal.
Every time I see Dogma I have this moment of pointing and gesturing when it comes to that scene during the Grant Hicks (Dante Hicks from Clerks) as news caster intro about the centennial of the church and the plenary indulgence and so forth.
There is a little track shot down the side of the church and then a close up of the door opening a little, centered right around the handle.
That scene is repeated over and over in the movie Prince of Darkness (a great John Carpenter movie. Very freaky... very spooky... gorey and weird and riding on the tail end of that wave of horror goodness that was the 80s). It's a "transmission"... it's a shared dream. Someone is sending them a message.
That scene is EXACTLY repeated in dogma (minus the creepy voice over) and I've never heard that mentioned anywhere.
Not on the dvd commentary, not on the viewaskew message boards... nowhere.

Hell, most of the people I've mentioned it to have never even seen Prince of Darkness... and dammit... you really should.
Alice Cooper is in it, fer chrissakes.
It's a classic!

So yeah .. I just listened to the craptacular commentary on Dogma (very boring, very Ben Affleck dominated... very bleh) for the sole purpose of hearing something about this damned shot and got EVERY OTHER story ... but that one.

What? is he *ashamed* of it or something?

See. Crazy person talk.

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