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apparently other people at work have begun to notice that me and Tom flirt an awful lot.
one of his coworkers from the backroom was in the store shopping today and came back to electronics to get a game. This guy is just this sweet, cute young little thing who I think is just wonderful. So I tend to get all grinny around him anyway. After he tried to give me some inside "this will embarass Tom" info the other day, I get even more grinny.
Today he was being his usual cute as hell self and we were having a little chat about games when he abruptly changed the subject to "so, was Tom here today?" I said that no, he wasn't... he'd actually been pulled in last night to help with the never ending double truck so he wasn't in today and I caught the guy (Jason is his name) giving me this knowing, smirking, amused look.

So... apparently other people have not only noticed that me and Tom flirt an awful lot, but they've begun to draw some conclusions from the flirting.

I don't know why this all amuses me so much, but dear lord all this crap makes me laugh. It's just fun. Stupid silly fun.
And I'd kind of forgotten what that whole "oh, there he is, what's he going to say this time?" anticipation is like.
Ahhhh jeeze I'm such a girl.hehehe

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