A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

It snowed.
Not for long, but it snowed and it was great.

I really don't want to go to work the next two days... but well... I don't have a lot of choice there either.

Either something is up with Sam or he's decided he doesn't want to talk to me and to make that happen has had his number disconnected.
I wrote him, but he hasn't written back. I've written several people who haven't written back, now that I think about it.

I keep getting really close to the point of impulse buying a gaming system before running back from the brink. I have Christmas to think about so I'm not allowing myself to do it.
I'm going to be baking a billion cookies; Getting packages together to send all over the place; I need to send cards to a lot of people and get enough for people at work too; And there are also the actual *gifts* to think about.
When it comes to random, off the cuff, it means nothing gifts... I'm great.
When it comes to the forced gift giving of the holidays... I'm really damned bad at it.

Speaking of which (Ramble? don't mind if I do!)... I need most of your adresses. I have Ken's, Dave's (both the Daves), Karl's, and uhm... jeeze... I think that's it.
So yeah ... all of you... if you would like me to send you something (or even if you'd HATE IT) give me your adress so I can make that happen.
In specific, the goats-fan people... I can't believe I don't have your adresses.

And since I can't get Chuck to respond in anyway to voicemail, I think I'll hand out his cell phone number and ask everyone to bombard it with calls until he coughs up an adress I can send kiffles to.
Because I know the little bitch boy wants kiffles.

My cat is having a *wild* dream over there. Kicking and howling and hissing in his sleep. So I'm going to go over and laugh at him for a few minutes before bed.

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