A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

You know how in some stores you can just never find any help? There's never anyone around, you encounter asshole employees and their shitty attitudes when you *do* find one of them, and then you get to the checkouts and everything rings up wrong?
That doesn't happen at my store.
Service is fast, helpful, courteous. There's almost no customer complaints ever. But I've worked in places where it's just a shitheap and everyone's pissed about it.
And it kind of annoys me that I got compliment cards all the time at the shitheap store just becuase I wasn't an asshole. And here, here there's barely a verbal thank you most of the time. They just expect you to go way the fuck out of your way for them. Because the company expects that too. And we do.

Maybe I'm just noticing this more because of the season.

heh, I actually got bitched at by a customer the other day because she heard me say that I hate christmas.
She was outraged and horrified. When I shrugged and said "Halloween is my favorite holiday," it just got worse. She wasn't coming at it from a "birth of our lord jesus christ" angle either. She was just insanely in love with the christmas holiday and all its trappings and couldn't conceive of someone who didn't feel the same.

Tom today made a little comment that has taken him right out of the 'flirting with' category. It was just this little offhand thing, and oddly enough, it was because he was actually being thoughtful for a change. He said something about sometimes going after "thicker chicks... big girls" and said that they are, "no offense", great for awhile becuase they never get any attention, so when they do, they're really eager to please.
It was the combination that got me there. And I didn't storm off all pissy or anything. But "no offense" to me about a lame, overly broad comment on fat girl behavior?
Nah, no thanks.
I'm used to being everyone's girl buddy, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be the "fat girl" girl buddy and just pretend that he didn't make it that fucking obvious that he's got me pegged as a 'fat girl'...which is a title I don't think I qualify for these days.

Besides that, the egotistical male posturing thing doesn't impress me. Babbling at me about bedding nasty chicks and acting superior for it is never impressive. Especially coming from a guy who isn't sporting conventional (or really even non conventional) good looks.

bleh. Just bleh.

I got past the "I can't go anywhere, I can't do anything" part of Jet Set Radio Future. And dear LORD is that an awesome game. I love the way it moves, love the soundtrack, love the way it looks.
good good stuff.

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