A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Early in the morning at work, the overnight guys still have their music going. It tends to be different music in different parts of the store, as they grab boom boxes from the displays in electronics and plug them in all over the place, tuned to different stations or playing different cds.
Somenights, they use the boombox up at the main office, setting the phone to page (so it's broadcast throughout the store) and put the phone up against a speaker.

One night as I was leaving, they were playing the theme song to Shaft. Some nights, it's country.
Lately, it's been tuned to Z104, a local top 40 station that plays a disturbing amount of Puff Daddy/puff daddy soundalikes, Nelly/Nelly soundalikes, and other things that sound just like every other piece of shit you've ever heard.

This morning I was treated to the Morning Zoo crap on z104. Crap music, crap 'bits', crap, unfunny, lame-ass DJs.
I think radio is dead.
Well, maybe not dead... maybe I just wish it was.

Then I wouldn't end up with incredibly lame, derivative, incredibly mundane loops and basslines stuck in my head.
Missy may get her freak on. But she certainly doesn't do it in her fucking music.

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