A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

They had a double truck last night. While still standing at the door, waiting to be let in, Neil asked over the walkie that they clip to the door before they unlock in the morning if would help them push mini-seasonal. Actually, what he said was "would you go over and help get mini-seasonal off the floor?"
I was expecting Joe and Keith over there. But now. It was the flow team. They were still pushing the fucking truck.
Josie wasn't over there... it was two other chicks... Michelle and someone else. They had *4* pallets just ... all over the place, working some out of this, some out of that... no order to it.
Josie was just PISSED when she came over. She got them to organize their crap. I just started at the top of a pallet and started pushing. I did 2 pallets on my *own*... which tells me just how fucking slow the flow team really is.

But we actually got it done, put away and swept before the store opened. And then we helped push electronics, toys and some softlines.
I ended up pushing candy for awhile, then I helped in seasonal... and even though Neil is the one who wrote up the board, he kept asking me to take toys calls. Then, the dude who was supposed to be in toys at like... 11:30 or so.. he called in. So when Lori got back from lunch, I had to go over there. James was at the service desk alone and could NOT handle it (plus Denim ... yes.. that's the choad's name.... Denim... lazy dork.... kept sending people with credit card applications over to the service desk for James to do... knowing it's approaching christmas, knowing that it was just James over there, who isn't exactly quick and isn't exactly bright. So I probably spent about 2 hours up at guest service. Everytime I tried to get the reshop for Green I would get stuck, then there would be a call. I'd take the call, go to the floor, answer the question, come back to get the reshop and get stuck again. Total bullshit is what that was. ::nods::
John, a gaddamn manager was a fucking idiot. Unhelpful and rude. He wouldn't even come back to sign the paperwork for the guys who build the bikes... so guess who did that too? NO ONE would help me with calls. (This time of year fully half the calls that come into the store are for toys, seasonal or electronics) but I got most of them, I think. Except that last idiot who just couldn't accept that we didn't carry "winner's circle" cars at ALL, let alone the very specific one he was looking for.
Belinda asked me to fill out a safety report thing (checking first aid kits for the correct contents, checking eyewash centers, verifying the last time the fire extinguishers were charged... shit like that) and Tom kicked me out of the backroom after he asked what I was doing because I'm not "backroom certified" and that's a safety issue. He was joking... I think... But it was still assholish and so I just kept my face blank, turned on my heel and didn't respond while he stood at the door, babbling after me, trying to be funny. I saw him a few more times and I didn't talk to him the rest of the day.
I haven't started a conversation with him since I said I wouldn't. But he's taken it upon himself to babble at me. Just starting up with "yeah, so..." and launching into stories about things that this or that person said or did. I had to ask him for help with some backroom things yesterday, but that's part of his job.

OH... and I clocked out 45 minutes late becuase a guest wanted a raincheck on something and they'd rebuilt the endcap the item was onand gotten rid of the tags in the process. We also couldn't find it on the sale item DPCI list (where it should have been) becuase it was tied to a completely wrong location (other side of the store kind of location).
This lady waited for almost HALF AN HOUR for a raincheck. Before they came through with it, I ended up telling her I would call her if we got any in or any info on it in the next two days. Completely forgetting that I won't be there.
But I'll be good and nice and call the store anyway to check if it's in. I'll call her on Sunday maybe from work to let her know it never came in. But I also gave her the store number, John's name and Deneen's name (as they're the managers over there) so that she can check in on it.

The thing she wanted? A "My Size" Barbie as Rapunzel doll.

And just to cover all the bases here....
We are out of: The Friends Trivia game, Frog Tennis, Trivial Pursuit: 20th Anniversary edition, My Size Rapunzel, Iquest, Mindstorm, Password Journal, EKara personal Karioke, Bay Blades, Bay Blades Arena, Bay Blades launcers, White Barbie as Rapunzel dolls, Furreal Kitties, Rattle and shake Pooh, Chicken Song Elmo, Icee Machines, Cotton Candy Machines...

Nothing like working in toys for awhile to teach you about how rude, self centered, inane, mundane, assholish and disgustingly shallow and thoughtless people can be.
Not that I had any doubts... I just don't think I needed this kind of coal shoveling for the furnace of my misanthropy.

Just concentrate on the people I like. That's what I keep telling myself. Just try to cover myself in the blanket of the good people I know... And maybe maybe maybe I won't end up in a screaming match with someone I work with.

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