A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Bored and annoyed with everything

Rhett: How would you rate your overall contentment with your employment at out company:
A.) Very Happy
B.) Somewhat Happy
C.) Not Happy
D.) Testicle
me : D

Rhett: Question two: Suppose you were to come across some information that led you to believe a fellow employee was stealing from out company. Would you:
A.) Tell your supervisor
B.) Confront the employee
C.) Ask other employees if they have the same suspicion
D.) Dot Hat.
Me: Hmm.. I have to say D again..

Rhett: Question three: Your supervisor is making sexual advances on your wastebasket. Would you:
A.) Ask him or her to politely stop making advances on your wastebasket.
B.) Hide the wastebasket
C.) Sleep with the supervisor's wastebasket
D.) Ask for a threesome

RHett: Question four: It is up to the invidivual in every company division to uphold its integrity. To you, integrity consists of:
A.) Teamwork
B.) Pro-active decision making
C.) Not sleeping with the supervisor's wastebaket
D.) Wearing pants.
Me: D

RHett: Question five:
Rhettt: Just how would you manage to make love to an inanimate cylinder?
Buttmint: ::::::gets a disturbing Stile-esque image in his mind:::::::::::

A lil later in the same conversation....

Rhett: Did I tell you I got married
ME: no, you didn't?
Rhett: The sea and I got hitched last week.
ME: is it to a human?
ME: awwww
ME: hoooooow swweeeeet
ME: you know the sea is into polyamoroury, right?
Rhett: Yeah. Don't know where we're going for the honeymoon, yet. Kinda difficult to find a place that isn't the 70% that it covers.
Rhett: "Polyamouroury"?
Rhett: That word broke my dictionary software.

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