A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Well, I've finally come up with something that I know would be nice to get this year for christmas.
Last night or early this morning (I don't really remember) I knocked my Cd/radio/alarm clock off the arm of my futon. I didn't notice when I dragged it back up, but this afternoon I saw that the lid is deeply gouged and only attached by one hinge. The other hinge isn't just popped out, but broken off.

So until I get another one... it'll be radio music for sleep.

I *hate* radio music. I'll end up with mall metal in my head. And I was getting really used to falling asleep to Damage Manual.

Oh, and about 3 billion dvds.
Including the first and second season of Mr. Show, the newest Monty Python and The Holy Grail edition, Donnie Darko, and several other things that ... really.... if you know me a little, you probably know I want.

I keep thinking of other little things I need to get for this or that person. And still wracking my brain about what to get for a few.
Like today, it occured to me that I really need to get a little something for Cindy at work. She's just awesome. I'm thinking she's going to get a bottle of booze.
She'll dig that.
But there are other people too that aren't so easy. Like Keith. I work with him EVERY DAY... and I have no damned idea what the hell I'd give him. But I need to give him *something*...
The only things I really know about him are... he's cranky, he smokes, he hates putting up christmas lights, he's glad he's out of the military and he's a sagitarrius. Damn those people who aren't blatant enough with their likes and dislikes.

If I'd had more time (and I did, I just didn't use it very well) I would have done so much more.
But well... I was busy, dammit.

And I need to quit looking at Ebay because I just found the perfect thing for like... 30 different people.

Today at work, when I was super busy, already late in leaving, helping out in electronics with still a short list of things to accomplish before I could leave, Rhiannon walkied me asking me to go to the other walky channel..
So I switch over and tell her to go ahead while I am wringing up this customer.
She wants to know what I'm doing tonight. Uhm... I dunno. I have stuff to do right after work, dunno how long that will last.
Well, do I want to hang out with her and Tricia and Emily, Thorayya and maybe someone else?
uhm... depends on when, I say ... still ringing up this lady.... so yeah ... around when would she want to do this.
She says... around 5:30, 6 o'clock....
About this time there was a line around the boat, I was still ringing up shit from the one lady and I needed to *get* *out* of there.
So I said I was super busy just now, could I talk to her about this in a few minutes?
Her response was "... dissed" and then she switched off the channel.

After that, there was no fucking WAY I was going to hang out with her. Nope.
I said something to Thorayya about it and she pointed out that it would be hanging out with one of our bosses... "do you really want to *do* that?" She apparently had no plans of going.

Tricia also swung by as I was finishing up and asked if I was going to hang out. She gave me her number and admitted that this was half assed last minute stuff, her idea, and she may not even be able to do it herself.

Anyway... the point is... what the fuck is with the reactionary, 16 year old bullshit?
This wasn't the first time.

Last weekend she asked me to hang out saturday night while I was in the store friday getting my check. I told her it was a shopping weekend with my sister and I didn't know when I'd even be home, let alone if I'd be anywhere near the mood to hang out. BUT... that I would let her know.
"that means no, of course" was her response.

Apparently, I'm just not giving her enough attention or something. I've dealt with very needy people before. Hell, I've *BEEN* very needy people before... but having someone FROM WORK try to make me feel like shit for not spending enough time with them?
fuck that right in its hairy ass.

The thing is... she's alright at work... but I honestly can't see hanging out with her beyond that.
Today, Thorayya came into the breakroom with an Ayn Rand book. I asked if that was for a class and it wasn't. She just thinks Rand is interesting. So we got into a discussion about it, Rand, objectivism, the roots of the philosophy and the burgeoning net movement built around those roots and what direction its taken off in.
After a while we both hushed up when we realized Rhiannon wasn't participating, looked bored, and had sighed heavily twice.
I was just so fucking pleased to finally have an intelligent conversation at work that didn't involve verbally ripping someone to shreds. And well, then we went back to talking about Rhiannon.

She's every semi okay female friend I've had my whole life.
She's the reason I don't like chicks very much.

blah blah blah

Moving on...
Chances are, if I send you something... it'll get there really late, but probably still in the month of december.
That's about as good as it's going to get, folks.

So give me some ideas... good gifts for boring coworkers.

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