A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I found some things for people.
A dvd for the impossible to shop for Keith... and some ideas for people that I don't really know, but want to give something to.

I also got asked to hang out tomorrow night with Thorayya, Rhiannon and Tricia.
I dig all of them in their own little way for their own little reasons. I'm sure it would be fun. I'm just not a clubbing sort of chick, and that's what they want to go do.
I'm a coffeehouse person. I'm a deep conversation in a mellow setting sort of person.
Granted, I like my music and my hot sweaty press of anonymous bodies in the flashing, throbbing rhythym thing too.
But only very fucking occasionally.
VEEERRY occasionally.
And usually under the influence of something that makes me not care and makes me really really want to dance.
They want to go to a club. Probably some piece of shit joint at the Block or Bar Norfolk. Some shitty little meat market, "singles scene" place.

Fuck that right in the ass.

But since they keep asking... and I keep turning them down... they probably think I just don't want to be around them. Which really isn't true. It's just that their idea of entertainment is wildly divergent from mine.
I'm on the schedule all next week 4am-12:30.
I told 4 different leader/manager types that I can't do that at all. So I'll be going in at 6 even though no one explicitely told me to. And I guess I'll just change my availability, something I didn't want to have to do.

But hey, I work my ass off. I'm never late. I never leave early. I've never called in. I've never even asked for a day off. I've taken on incredible amounts of responsibility and I've done well at it.
But who the hell am I to expect ONE request to be met, eh?

I'm really exhausted in *so* many ways.

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