A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

It just sort of annoys me that Windows 98 is still throwing me critical update service packs regarding security downfalls in IE and its VM.
I've thought of more things I want for christmas.
More RAM. Amy and David Sedaris Books on tape.
I keep thinking of things that I couldn't think of a month ago.
Why is this? Because I know I won't get them. heh.

I have a huge list of things I need to do this weekend and so far I haven't done any of them. I slept in (til 9:30), I sat in my super warm, super comfy bed and read a little bit. Then I got up, took a shower. Talked to my mom for awhile about presenty crap.
And now I realize it's nearly noon and I've accomplished nothing.

I have to bake. I have to go to barnes and noble, best buy, this particular craft place, the ABC store. I have to find more bizarre weird things for my brother... which means going to the dollar store, big lots, AJ Wright, and this great import place that carries 6 foot statues of Elvis and stuff like that.

I also have to wrap and get together presents for coworkers. Then I have to put together bags of candy for the people I didn't actually get presents for.
GUH.. and the cards.. forgot about the cards. I should really give most of these people cards too.

I'm not worried aobut wrapping the stuff for family this weekend. There's monday and tuesday afternoons for that.

Heh. I just reminded myself of one of my favorite News in Brief things from the Onion...

(oh looky.. and it was still in the archives...)
William Safire Orders Two Whoppers Junior
NEW YORK—Stopping for lunch at a Manhattan Burger King, New York Times 'On Language' columnist William Safire ordered two "Whoppers Junior" Thursday. "Most Burger King patrons operate under the fallacious assumption that the plural is 'Whopper Juniors,'" Safire told a woman standing in line behind him. "This, of course, is a grievous grammatical blunder, akin to saying 'passerbys' or, worse yet, the dreaded 'attorney generals.'" Last week, Safire patronized a midtown Taco Bell, ordering "two Big Beef Burritos Supreme."

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