A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I don't want coffee. I might want another cigarette, but that's five already this hour and that's probably too many. I want a phone call from Mike telling me that he's not angry anymore. I want a phone call from Cheryl so I can reaffirm the fact that yes, she is indeed an obnoxious cunt.
I want a phone call from Mr. Questions just so I can keep fooling myself into thinking he cares.
I want to read this disinfo book without actually having to read it. I want my sister to stop being so.... normal all the time. I want her to divorce her husband and rent a crappy townhouse near the strip with me and my friend David so we can drink every night and we can teach her how to take bong hits. I want my mother to quit walking up and reading over my shoulder. I want my father to pop out of existence with a lil puff of smoke and some lil imp to run on after him and throw some glitter in the air with a giggle.
Oooooh... maaaaaaaaaaaaagic.
My sister says the resume looks good.
My mom says I look very tired.
My dad says I need to get my shit together and quit being a leech.

I say I want another cigarette.
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