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I'm not going to do a list of presents I got or gave. I was suprised by a few things (I got two bottles of D'arenberg wine and 2 copies of a Tim Burton book I didn't ask for, but have wanted), happy that some of the things I gave were really appreciated.

All in all, it wasn't bad at all.
I miss a few people and wish they were around because despite my brother's avalanche of tacky gifts, it's been a pretty straight laced day and I could do with some silliness.

I'm sorry about the things going out to texas and california. Chances are it'll be a few more days til you get them and by that point, you might as well just throw away that cranberry bread. I dunno if it'll be an experiment in food poisoning by then or not.
I'll give it a shot again in a few weeks.
And I'll be willing to take cookie requests too.
no kiffles, though.

It was my year to recieve the plunger. I am impressed by the artistry... but at least when I gave them the plunger back last year it wasn't something that could be considered perishable and it took up only a plunger amount of space. This thing... this thing I don't know what the hell I'll do with it.

The Plunger.

Last year I spent a lot of time weaving a ribbon sheath that completely covered the last plunger. Then I covered the bulb part at the bottom in gold and silver pointsettas. It was beautiful, dammit.
So they decided they couldn't take it apart and bought a new one. To do this.
Yes, that's melted chocolate. Yes, that's lots of pieces of fake poo. Yep, that's toilet paper. My brother is a sick little man.
I'm going to have to spray laquer this thing in order to keep it. And then I'll have to carefully pack it or something becuase it's actually sort of precariously attached.

My neice sent this along for me:

The top says "turn me over"
Beware the cow with hands poised on the waistband.

the top says "have a moony x-mas. love Thea"

isn't that soooooooo sweeeeeeeet? She's obviously her father's child.

The other thing is this.


That stuff in addition to the 10" tall hear no, see no, speak no evil monkies, the 2 foot long animated cow and several other figurines... I've no idea where to put these things. Nevermind my room is an upheaval of boxes and bags. Nevermind that there's no room to *move* let alone organize, clean, display and maintain.
I think maybe they'll end up where the Where the Wild Things Are figures are at. On the stairs.

My mom is making a standing rib roast, roasted brussel sprouts and leeks, and yorkshire pudding.
Sometimes it's just a shame that I don't enjoy meat very much.
Stay safe, be well, avoid annoying, forced and outlandish sentiment. heh

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