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my creepy asshole store manager today stepped up the creepy.
He probably said hello and asked me how I was doing about 30 times today. That's not hyperbole. Everytime I looked up, there he was, smiling too big at me, sounding concerned about my mood.
Around one o'clock I was in the office printing some things out real quick when he walked past the door and asked, again, how I was doing. My stock answer to this is a blank faced "fine".
Instead of just carrying on like usual though, this time he stops, comes back to the office door and leans in toward me, saying that I don't smile much.
I said that actually, I smile a lot. But that usually I have to have an actual *reason* to be smiling. (And that's true, for those of you who don't know me in person (most of you)... I smile a LOT)
So he steps further into the office and half closes the door. He's just a foot from me at this point, leaning down over me while I twist halfway around in my chair to look at him, and he asks if he's done anything to upset me or make me angry at him. And I laughed and said no. He asked why that was funny.
I pointed out that this right here was the longest conversation I'd ever had with him and how could someone I had *nothing* to do with make me angry at him?
And, just in case him leaning over me with that weird, leering grin he has wasn't creepy enough, he then decided to put both his hands on my shoulders and give them a little squeeze while he tells me that he's sorry for his lack of individual attention, and he wishes he had more time to invest in each of the team members in the store.
I shrugged and twisted back around, and he left after an uncomfortable silence.

I think he honestly thought I was upset at the lack of one on one time. Becuase later I ended up helping on a project and he talked to me nearly non-stop.
Well, Holly, what do you think? You think this will work? Where should we move this? Does this look alright?

I'm so glad he's leaving in a couple weeks. The *dick* .
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