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Deposited a check and took care of that whole overdraft thing.
I'm still broke as hell, but at least it isn't in negative numbers.
Through a lot of misdirection from a manager and said manager's repeated failure to listen to a word I had to say, I more or less destroyed an area of the store, making several other managers very mad in the process. They didn't blame me. I didn't blame me. And it was very telling that the HR manager called me into her office just to get the story on exactly *what* it was that he'd told me to do. And then said "this is what happens when someone who doesn't know what he's doing is convinced that he does."
And then I started to develop sinus/throat issues.
It was only a matter of time when I count up the number of very ill people I've had too much contact with lately. Working in retail is a cold waiting to happen.

Slept in.
Took my time getting up.
Had leisurely coffee.
Bought hairdye and face scrubby stuff to stop these random zit eruptions.
I don't get acne, I've never been prone to red bumps or big zits. But every once in awhile I get one and it's huge and refuses to leave.
Then I bought stripper boots.

And TechRadioShow tonight at 8 eastern time. GO LISTEN. They'll actually be *broadcasting* this week. You can catch them online through CNet radio (follow the links on the page) or on XM radio, channel 130. Or, if you're in the San Jose/San Francisco area, the CNet channel is 910AM.
I'll be loadly stating all my many and various opinions (sometimes even about the show...) in the chatroom. There's a java version on the techradio site or connect through IRC
Server : chat.hosting4u.net port: 7000 channel: #techradio

Very thorough plug, don't you think?
I'm sure I left something out though.

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