A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Thanks to Dave last night I actually managed to sleep. Had I not called and babbled and done some venting I never would have.
See, sometimes first impulses are *good*.

I'm looking online for a pair of shoes that I saw the other day, but they didn't have in my size. These shoes aren't 'me' at all. But something about them screams that I must own them.
Yep, I've become enough of a girl that I'm shoe shopping.
The thing is... I'm thinking that the ones I saw were a discontinued line. Becuase I can't find them anywhere. And I *could* have worn one of the sizes they had... but it would have been almost a full size too big.
I'm babbling about shoes.

Today i'm doing not much of anything. I'll probably bleach and dye and mangle my hair. I'll do laundry.
I'm still reading this putrid R.L. Stine book because of the trainwreck factor. Or because I'm a glutton for punishment in all its many forms.

I'm thinking I also need to set up a netnanny sort of thing to keep me from looking at certain things online. I'll always run and look at the thing that's going to tweak me out the most.
On a semi-related note... I wonder what the heck ever happened to Chad.

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